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ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2008 Bead Review 3, publication picture 2008 Creation is Messy contest winner, publication picture on their webpage 2008 Beads of Courage Fundraiser, Artist making beads 2009/10 Beads of Courage, featured picture on advertisements 2010 Glass Community.com, featured Artist of the month 2010 Soft Flex.com, featured Artist of the month 2010 Beads of Courage Fundraiser, Ran the torching event 2010 Flow Magazine, Winter issue, publication picture 2011 Flow Magazine, Spring issue, Emerging Artist 2011 Making Glass Beads by Jeri Warhaftig, publication picture 2011 Glass Line Magazine, Aug/Sept Issue, Eye Tutorial publication 2013 Beads of Courage Hall of Fame Award One of the proudest accomplishments I received so far is the recognition and involvment in the Beads of Courage charity.  I was surprised and honored to be awarded in early 2013 as one of the few Hall of Fame winners.  And I also received this beautiful award, the wooden art was created by Mark Wallice, and the lovely “courage” bead was made my Margaret Zinser.
This is ME in the upper-right corner!